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Episode 135: School Fears

Virginia starts a new semester of PhD courses and worries that she’s in over her head. Nick reminisces about his college days and what it takes to make a good grade in a hard class.

Episode 136: Nick Goes to China

Nick talks about maybe going to China for business, and Virginia harasses him endlessly about getting a mail order bride.

Episode 134: Our Final Meal

Nick and Virginia talk about what they’d eat if it was their last meal.

Episode 133: Charlie Hebdo 

Virginia speculates as to the best response to such a horrible tragedy.

Episode 132: Post-Holiday Blues

Virginia asks Nick if he ever suffers from the post-holiday blues. Nick argues that that’s not a thing.  By the way, apparently being sad after Christmas is a thing.

Episode 131: License Plate Tracking 

Nick discusses the seedy practice of tracking license plates and whether or not citizens can opt out.

Episode 130: Gamergate

Nick and Virginia discuss the media hype surrounding gamergate.

NerdAbsurd Flashback: John M. Barry

In December, we’re running some of our best podcast interviews. Check out this oldie by goodie: On this podcast, we speak with author, John M. Barry, about the erosion of land from the Louisiana coast.  This erosion impacts Louisiana residents, who are susceptible to future storm surfers during hurricanes that might otherwise have been dispelled by the additional landmass. John was part of a committee dedicated to protecting Louisiana’s coastline Read More...

Episode 129: Nick’s Technophobia

Nick and Virginia discuss their growing inability to utilize the latest technologies. Click here to listen!

Episode 128: NerdAbsurd does Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of our listeners! Click here to listen!