Episode 155: Complexity

Virginia tells Nick about her awesome theory related to complexity and regulation.

Episode 154: Gary Belsky

Nick and Virginia talk with Gary Belsky, author of “Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes and How to Correct Them: Lessons from the Life-Changing Science of Behavioral Economics“, about everything from ESPN Magazine’s Body Issue to how lawyers often suffer from the sunk cost fallacy.

Episode 152: The McKinney Incident

Nick and Virginia marvel at the stupidity on display at the McKinney pool party a month or so age.

Episode 151: The Dating Game NerdAbsurd Style

Nick and Virginia take a test to see how well they know each other.

Episode 150: The Finish Line

Virginia finishes a stressful final, and Nick talks about the aftermath of the DMS election.

Episode 149: Stupid Stuff Rich People Do

Nick and Virginia talk about the stupidity of climbing Mount Everest. Nick says that he now regrets skydiving and that he almost died when somebody pulled a gun on him in high school.

Episode 148: The Dallas Ice Storms (wayyyyyyyy late)

Virginia and Nick talk about what they did during the ice storms.  And yes, this podcast should have gone up about 15 years ago.

Episode 147: Pictures, Anxiety, and Being Turned Down by Women

Virginia talks about her discovery regarding anxiety, and Nick ruins her theory. Nick and Virginia talk about Facebook photos and whether or not you pay attention to yourself.  Finally, Nick talks about getting the “you’re a creep” let-down at a bar and how his buddy avoids confrontations at a bar.

Episode 146: Open Mic

Virginia tells a really stupid joke. Nick talks about how being tall makes him automatically in charge. Finally, Nick discusses running for the DMS board, and Virginia tells her horror stories from the days of living in a condo association.

Episode 145: Plane Crashes in the News

Virginia and Nick talk about all of the plane crashes that have been in the news lately.