Links will set you free

Not really.  But, they will entertain you for a few minutes while you’re at work:

The Internet is taking over as a source of news.  (Duh.)

There’s a new book out about diseases like AIDS and SARS that originate from animals.  It looks really good.

Kids are miniature scientists.  I think they’d be cuter if they came with lab coats.

Is learning coding as simple as watching videos online? (It was for me, but I’m definitely not an expert yet.)

The demographic least likely to secure a vote for president: atheist.

Contribute to science just by using your smartphone: there’s a new app out there where you answer scientific surveys in your spare time.

Depression is an evolutionary response? Might be!

How toxic is your iPhone? iFixit has a video describing all of the chemicals in your smartphone.

Photo courtesy of BotheredByBees on Flickr.

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