Partial Transcript: Episode 22 (Drinking)

Andrew: What’s your favorite hard liquor?

Nick : Bourbon.

Virginia: I don’t really have one.

Nick: None?

Virginia: Martini’s are ok.

Nick: Gin or vodka?

Virginia: Vodka.  I had one about six months ago at Perry’s Steakhouse.  It was a peach martini with sugar around the rim.

Nick: It’s probably a vodka martini.  They also do a really good one with Beefeaters.

Virginia: I haven’t gone back to get them to make it again.

Nick: Next time you go, invite me.  I love going there.

Virginia: It’s weird because one of the bartenders is a spitting image of my friend back home.

Andrew: Are you one of those creepy people?

Virginia: No!  I feel bad because the guy waits on us, and I end up staring at him.

Andrew: Rather than tell him, which isn’t that weird, you just stare at him?

Virginia: What I really want is for my friend to come into town and for them to take a picture together.

Andrew: That would have been kind of funny.  Does the universe implode if you show someone your doppelganger?  Back to our topic: I love vodka.

Nick: You know the Russians stole vodka from the Polish, right?

Andrew: Yeah.  I’ve tried a bunch of different kinds, but now I prefer Stoli.

Virginia: Do you drink it straight?

Andrew: I’ll do shots.  Usually if I’m just drinking mostly vodka, I’ll mix in orange juice.  It’s a really strong screwdriver.  If you’re drinking at your own home, why make a fancy drink?

Nick: Because you love it.

Mike: They have drink mixes.

Virginia: The drink mixes are too sugary.

Nick: What about Bloody Mary?

Andrew: Mike, what’s your favorite drink?

Mike: Rum.

Virginia: But you don’t drink very much?

Mike: Not really.

Virginia: Are you like once a month or every ten years?

Mike: About once a month for special occasions.  I’ll drink Champaign.  It’s very nice.

Nick: What’s your favorite, Virginia?

Virginia: Wine.  I did study abroad in Italy.  It’s so pervasive that if you didn’t drink when you went over there, you’ll drink it when you leave.

Andrew: Wasn’t that a product of lack of suitable drinking water in the past?

Nick: Yes.  That or they like getting drunk.

Virginia: And they mix it with the carbonated water.  That’s sort of the gateway.  You ease into it.

Nick: That’s funny because you go to a lunch place, and they bring in a pitcher of wine.

Virginia: I had this really interested experience where I ate with my professors.  It was the first time that I’ve really been treated as an adult as far as alcohol is involved.

Nick: How bad of a headache did you have?

Virginia: I didn’t.  You guys want to hear my one hangover story?

Nick: Yes!

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