Partial Transcript: Episode 15 (To Pirate or Not to Pirate)

Virginia: We all grew up in the era of Napster.

Nick: Is it just me, or did Napster open everyone’s eyes to music?

Everyone: Yeah.  Yeah it did.

Nick: I think Napster helped the music industry.  Had Napster not come around, it would have been in the state it’s in today (absolute crap) much earlier had Napster not been there.

Andrew: As I remember, it didn’t hurt the music industry that much either.

Nick: All they did was go, “Ok.  This is a great method of sharing music.  Let’s keep it illegal as long as we can.”

Virginia: What’s even worse is how people who downloaded two or three songs have essentially lost their futures because they’ve been sued for such outrageous amounts of money.

Nick: Or grandmothers of people who pirated thousands of songs.

Virginia: The computer just happened to be in her living room, and now she’s losing everything.  Makes you hate the music industry.

Andrew: It’s bizarre when downloading the CD is a huge crime, but stealing a physical copy is a minor offense.  That makes no sense.

Mike: I’ve never looked at it like that.

Virginia: I can see the argument.  If you make it digitally available to thousands of other people, then you’ve just enabled all of those people to steal

Mike: But it’s not physically removed, so it’s not stealing.

Nick: It’s been duplicated.

Virginia: That’s the physical argument.  If you still have the item after the person copies it, is it actually theft?

Nick: It’s theft of a sale.

Andrew: That’s not necessarily true.

Mike: Are you guaranteed that that person was actually going to buy it?

Nick: You’re guaranteed that they’re not going to buy it now.

Mike: That’s a sham argument used by the industry.

Nick: I don’t think it’s a sham. It’s the same thing as stealing something that was patented by someone else.

Andrew: I think Valve has the right idea.  They treat people who pirate stuff as under-served customers.

Nick: You’re full of crap.  Valve treats people who steal Valve games as people who steal Valve games.  They treat them like pirates.

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