Partial Transcript: Episode 40 (Torture/Current Events)

Virginia: Today’s episode is about… torture?

Andrew: I guess it’s about WWII intelligence services…

Nick: This is the nice guy’s version of torture.

Andrew: It’s how you’re wrong.

Nick: Andrew was saying that torture doesn’t work, and I was like, “If it doesn’t work, then why do we have thousands of years of human history where we used torture?”  It had to have worked at some point.  Otherwise they would have given it up by now.

Virginia: This was an argument that we got into last week.

Nick: I don’t think it was on a podcast.  I think it was between recording.

Andrew: It got heated fast.  There was almost waterboarding.

Nick: But I was thirsty!

Mike: Did you guys see the Mythbusters episode?

Andrew: They did a torture episode?

Mike: Yes, they did.

Andrew: I’m not aware of any episode like that.

Mike: They did it on Chinese water torture.

Virginia: On whether or not it made you crazy?

Mike: Needless to say, it worked.

Andrew: You can totally make someone freak out.

Nick: But that doesn’t mean that torture wouldn’t work.  Yeah, water dripping is annoying.  Bravo.

Andrew:  Stop it!  Stop it!  I could totally see that.

Mike: They did it Carrie.  She totally freaked out.

Nick: I remember that.

Andrew: This all started when Virginia sent us a link to an article that no one read.

Nick: Except Andrew.

Andrew: I skimmed it.  Then I saw something on Reddit that tied into it.

Virginia: So this is a BBC article.  The title is, “The WWII Interrogator who used Kindness over Violence.”  Basically, he was very successful.

Andrew: He let one fly a plane!  And the dude just handed over secrets after that.  “I guess you’re a pretty cool guy!”

Nick: I’m saying that this is the exception that proves the rule.

Virginia: I think we should start by saying that Nick’s had a very hard week.

Nick: I’ve been locked in a room with a concrete grinder, CO2, and dust in my face for hours on end.  I apologize for being cranky if I am.

Virginia: I was going to bring up the fact that you said that Germany won.

Nick: The guy has a Hitler mustache in the picture.  When I saw the picture, I figured that he had to be on that side.

Virginia: For the sake of fairness, it was a Charlie Chaplin mustache.

Nick: No.  You’re wrong.  It became a Hitler mustache whenever Hitler wore it.

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