Partial Transcript: Episode 45 (Smart Phones & Society)

Andrew: Smart phones have kind of ruined dinners for quite a few people.

Nick: One person at this table cannot go through dinner without holding their phone directly in front of their face.

Andrew: Are you staring at me?

Nick: I was talking about Mike.

Mike: That’s not true.

Group: Oh!  It is true.

Nick: I’ve never had a meal with you that didn’t involve a phone in my face.

Virginia: At least once in every meal, your phone comes out.

Andrew: I do that too.  I try to make it quick.

Nick: Mike just holds his up.  He blocks everybody’s face with it.  And he’s got the world’s biggest phone since smart phones now come in large screen television sizes.

Andrew: What Mike’s doing is streaming the conversation on Twitter.

Nick: He’s reading Reddit.  Then he flips the phone around and goes, “Look at this, guys.”  And it’s so tiny that there’s no way for anyone else to read it.

Andrew: Would it be better or worse if it were a tablet?

Mike: It’s only a Galaxy Nexus.

Nick: It’s pretty much a fablet.  It’s bigger than the small iPad.

Virginia: I’ve done it.

Nick: And I’ve done it too.  I keep it to a minimum.

Andrew: I try to as well.  Unless there’s an argument that needs to be settled.

Nick: Then it’s Google to the rescue.

Andrew: Everyone is Googling as fast as they can.

Virginia: And if you’re wrong, you just sort of put the phone back in your pocket.

Andrew: “So… on to a different topic…”

Virginia: Have you ever had the situation where you’re sort of fighting with your spouse, and you’re both on your cell phones to avoid conversations?

Nick: I’ve been on dates where it’s not going well, so you try to avoid eye contact.  “Look I got a text message!”

Mike: I have seen couples who won’t talk, so they only send text messages.

Virginia: I have sent text message upstairs to ask for things.

Nick: My neighbor does that.  His wife sends him text messages, even though he’s just out the door.

Andrew: I have sent text messages to my wife while we were in the same apartment because we were out of toilet paper, and I couldn’t get up.

Virginia: Why would you write that down?

Andrew: HELP!  We need toilet paper!  I just figure it’s better than calling out her name.

Nick: You’re like bent over and yelling out to her!!

Andrew: One of the things that I do like about smart phones is that I don’t have waiting in line anymore.

Virginia: You’re not kidding.

Andrew: I’m a little ADD, and I used to hate standing in line.  Now I browse Reddit until I get to the checkout.  Anywhere I would normally be twiddling my phone, I can now do something somewhat productive sometimes.

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