Partial Transcript: Episode 53: (Reddit)

Virginia: Do you go and downvote everything he’s ever posted?

Andrew: I thought about it, but then I thought, “I don’t really have time for this.  I’m going to go do something productive.”

John: What was the title of your post?  I’m on r/Dallas right now.

Andrew: My post was…

Virginia: You can’t tell him that!  Then he’ll know your screen name!

Andrew: My screen name is “aceat164.”  Boom. Done.  You can Google my name, and the first result is my screen name.

Virginia: But the whole point of Reddit is to be anonymous.

Andrew: That’s why you have a burner account.

Nick: So you can post sex pics.

Andrew: Cause I post to gone wild all the time.

Nick: I was trying to think of the name!  And Andrew pulls it off the top of his head.  I know Andrew has a favorite list.

Andrew: If you browse Reddit at all, you see it mentioned all the time.  It’s almost a default setting.

Nick: I never go on Reddit.

Virginia: You’re kidding.  I send you all kinds of stuff.

Nick: You send me the links.  I never see Reddit itself.  I can’t follow any of the strings.

Virginia: Because you’re not smart enough to follow the indents.  The indents are the only thing that matters.

Nick: What the fuck are you talking about?

Andrew: They’re nested.

Virginia: The comment on the left is the parent comment.  The comment that’s under it and indented is the child.

Nick: I get that, but they don’t make any sense.  Every single Reddit comment is another meme.

Andrew: You were probably in r/funny.

Virginia: Yeah.  They kind of riff of each other.

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