Partial Transcript: Episode 65 (Doping in Sports)

Nick: The reason this came up is because of the Red Socks/Yankees game where the pitcher hit A Rod with the ball twice.

Virginia: I did not see that.

Nick: I sent you the video.

Virginia: I hate sports.

Nick: Thanks for helping the topic.  This is supposed to be, “Yes and…”

Leland: It’s interesting because you can see the anger in this man’s eyes as he throws the pitch.  He clearly intends to hit him.

Andrew: The sentiment is changing.  Baseball used to be a sport where steroid use was an open secret.

Nick: Except that it kinda wasn’t.  It was a big lie to the fans.  Baseball is a game about purity.

Andrew: And superstitions.

Nick: A lot of the BS that’s happened in baseball have been about purity being betrayed.  Think about it.  Baseball is not a game about the extreme athlete.  You play for the love of the game.  Not as many of the athletes get as rich.  That’s the craziness of baseball.  It was cool seeing the pitcher nailing A Rod twice because of how he feels about the steroids.

Leland: I get the anger.  But, if you’re doing this for the fans, you’re doing a disservice to him by hitting him with the ball.  Just say something in the press.

Nick: This is a game where that’s how you say that.  Yeah, you’re stoning the guy.  But, none of the pitches were aimed at his head.

Andrew: He could have walked him instead.

Nick: They were.

Leland: What I found more interesting was seeing the crowd’s reaction when he came out on the field.  People were booing him.

Nick: The big hit was supposed to be him against A Rod.  It was the “You’re out of this game.  You’re not even allowed to be in the record books.”  They’ve done that with people before.

Andrew: That’s some Stalin shit there.  Erased from history!

Leland: He played for the Rangers for while, didn’t he?

Nick: Yeah, and we still hate him.  Fuck A Rod.  We overpaid for him.  We bought him as a prized pony.  We’re still paying him for his time.

Andrew: I love going out to baseball.  I just hate watching it on TV.

Virginia: I have a conspiracy theory.  What if major league baseball has merged with the dodgeball league, and they haven’t made it public yet?

Nick: You just wait until it’s a topic that you care about!

Leland: I do have an opinion.  But, I don’t have a lot of history on it.  It was certainly an impactful moment.

Nick: And it was so hypocritical because the Red Socks have been caught with steroids before.

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