Partial Transcript: Episode 72 (Obsolete Words)

Virginia: So the post in question is, “27 Delightful Obsolete Words It’s High Time We Revived.”

Nick: Each one has a picture of an owl with it.  It’s really cute.

Leland: Someone hit me with a word.

Virginia: Gorgonize.

Leland: What does that mean?

Nick: Organizing like an gorgonizer.

Virginia: To have a paralyzing or mesmerizing effect on someone.

Nick: Oh!  Gorgonize.  Is that really how it’s pronounced?

Leland: A gorgon was a mythical creature kind of like Gollum.

Nick: I thought it was like a monster.

Katie: Monsterful is also on the list.

Leland: If these words are obsolete, then did something replace them?

Virginia: They just fell out of use.  It’s sort of like how the Eskimo’s have 20,000 words for snow.  Those words just aren’t useful outside of that context.  Who walks with a pipe anymore?

Leland: I will go lunting any day of the week.  That means walking while smoking a pipe.

Nick: As if they didn’t already get it based on the context.

Virginia: Oh my gosh.  There’s a picture in the sidebar that’s someone pouring pancake batter over bacon in a skillet.

Nick: Are you quoting the ads now?

Virginia: No.  It’s another article.

Leland: I would be all up over that.  If they had some hot syrup too, I’d probably touch myself.

Virginia: That’s disgusting.

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