Transcript: Episode 78 (Gender Roles)

Virginia: Today we’re going to talk about gender roles, but first we’re going to talk about… Leland, I like the way you said it.

Leland: I don’t remember how I said it.

Nick: I don’t either.

Leland: In New York, a judge ruled that it was legal for women to be topless in public, provided they aren’t engaged in illegal activities.

Nick: I thought it was just a memo given to the cops.

Andrew: I think it was a memo.  My understanding was that cops are now supposed to treat a topless woman the same way you would treat a dude.

Virginia: Unless they’re engaged in illegal acts?  I don’t understand that part.

Nick: Prostitution.  Theft.

Andrew: I think the gist of it is to not treat them any differently than you would a dude.  If you’re a New York cop, you might think it’s weird to see a topless dude walking around, but you can’t arrest him.

Leland: I doubt it’s very rare for a man to be topless in New York.

Virginia: They have the Naked Cowboy.

Andrew: I’m not saying it’s impossible.  It’s just probably not very common.

Virginia: As a female, I’m finding it hard to be excited or not about this.

Nick: I feel like this stuff always forces women to do things that are either sleazy or backhanded.

Leland: The fact that you’re saying that it’s sleazy or backhanded means that you think it’s wrong.

Nick: I’m not talking about the act.  I’m talking about the way it’s portrayed.  They always write it up as, “Topless chicks and equal rights.  But, check out these topless chicks!”

Andrew: Did you see the video?  It was really creepy.  There were like 30 guys taking pictures with these weird smiles on their faces.

Nick: To be honest, they weren’t really good boobs either.

Virginia: You are the biggest pig in the entire world.

Nick: Everybody who watched that video thought the exact same thing, males and females.

Virginia: Because you’d be more in favor of female rights if they were better?

Nick: I am for female rights.

Leland: I’m looking at the picture right now, and these are great tits.

Andrew: If he saw a women walking down the street with her top off and she wasn’t that hot, he would just go, “huh,” and keep walking.

Nick: It’s under the thing, “I’ve got a pair of boobs.  Would you like to see them?” “Yes…. Ok… you can put them away.”

Virginia: You just wanna know…

Leland: Back to your comment, what was sleazy about the dudes?

Nick: It’s the dudes.  It’s like the Reddit thread we were talking about where, if women get an equal role in combat, then they should have to sign up for the draft.  Why does it always have to be double-edged?

Leland: What do you mean double-edged?

Nick: I don’t think we should have a draft period.  I don’t think the requirements for fighting on the front line should be signing up for the draft.

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