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NerdAbsurd Scoops the New York Times?

About a month ago, NerdAbsurd interviewed John M. Barry of Restore Louisiana Now.  This weekend, the New York Times Magazine published a lengthy article about him. Remember, you heard it here first.

Virginia Asks Where Grown-Ups (and Kids) Should go to Learn about Dinosaurs

NerdAbsurd recently interviewed dinosaur blogger and expert Brian Switek about dinosaurs, and we couldn’t help but put together a list of his travel recommendations for the ultimate dinosaur enthusiast: Utah’s Dinosaur Diamond.  It connects sites in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah.  Start in Salt Lake City at the Natural History Museum of Utah.  See the “Past Worlds” exhibit, which you can’t see anywhere else. Then visit Dinosaur National Monument. Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry. Morrison, Colorado has a ton Read More...

NerdAbsurd’s Behavioral Finance Survey Results

Thanks to everybody who participated in our short survey! Here’s a summary of the results that we discussed on the podcast: NerdAbsurd runs a coin-flipping game.  We flip a fair coin, and, if it’s heads, we pay you $10.  If it’s tails, you pay us $3.  Do you play our game? (72% said “yes.”) How about a game where we pay you $1500 for heads and you pay us $300 Read More...

Dys4ia is a Game that Just Wants You to Be Yourself

**The following piece is a repost from my personal blog that I made in 2012. I felt that it was relevant in light of the recent DOMA ruling. I think that everyone should play this game. It certainly afforded me a deeper perspective. I’ve recently had a very interesting and emotional experience. In my Twitter feed last week I came across a link to a flash game on Newgrounds called Read More...

Are Americans really that bad at math?

There’s an article out today in Discover magazine that blames the financial crisis on bad basic math skills.  Apparently people who don’t understand arithmetic don’t have good luck when it comes to paying off their mortgage.  Here’s the most interesting part: Interestingly, participants with higher IQs were as likely to fall behind on payments as those with lower IQs, but were more likely to avert actual foreclosure, suggesting greater cognitive abilities may Read More...

Let’s get weird with Richard Dawkins

I’m not sure what happens about 5 minutes in to this lecture from Richard Dawkins but I really wish I would have saved my good acid for it.

Stop-Motion Badassery

I stumbled upon some seriously awesome stop-motion animations today from a Youtuber called Counter 656 and OMFG are his videos amazing. You don’t see much stop-motion nowadays but there are still people out there that keep it alive. I highly recommend checking out this channel and subscribing. Hit this link to visit his channel now.

The Bill Nye Video you HAVE TO SEE

This will come in handy on our new podcast (to come out later this afternoon).  Bill Nye is classy as hell in the way he handles this news anchor’s silly question.