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Episode 94: “IT” the Old People

The crew discusses why older people are so bad at fixing their own computers and comes to a surprisingly insightful conclusion about how people solve problems.

Episode 88: Virginia turns 30

Virginia discusses what it felt like to turn 30.  Nick gives her a hard time, and Leland makes everyone else feel much younger by comparison.

Episode 70: Gerontocracy

After reading “The World Until Yesterday” by Jared Diamond, Virginia talks about the implications of a society where the old are in power (i.e. the United States). Click here to listen!

Partial Transcript: Episode 70 (Gerontocracy)

Andrew: Gerontocracy means old people ruling? Virginia: Yes.  So let me back up and tell you the rest of the story.  Jared Diamond has a new book out. Andrew: Is he old? Virginia: Yes, very old. Andrew: Seems self serving. Virginia: It’s a comparative culture book about how different cultures (hunter-gather societies and privative farming societies) live compared to us.  There’s a chapter on age, and it basically goes something Read More...