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Episode 38: The War on Science

We start out with a Bill Nye video where he responds like a gentleman to a stupid CNN news anchor (link in our other posts).  Then we talk about the anti-vaccination movement and homeopathy.  We discuss how people decide what is and is not true and how to identify junk science.  Then we talk about spin (even within the scientific community), Photoshopping on the Internet, global warming deniers, the Amazing Read More...

Partial Transcript: Episode 38 (The War on Science)

Virginia: Today we’re going to talk about anti-science or the war on science. Andrew: Let’s talk about the video first. Virginia: Ok.  So there’s this Bill Nye video that’s making the rounds today.  He’s talk about an asteroid that’s going to come close to the earth.  By the time this podcast is out, this won’t be a big deal.  The woman asks, “Is the asteroid caused by global warming?”  For Read More...

The Bill Nye Video you HAVE TO SEE

This will come in handy on our new podcast (to come out later this afternoon).  Bill Nye is classy as hell in the way he handles this news anchor’s silly question.