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Episode : The Best Halloween Party Ever

Nick helps Virginia plan the most bitching Halloween party ever.

Episode 164: Nick goes to Pittsburg

Nick talks about his trip to Pittsburg for pinball fun.

Episode 143: Employees as Quasi-Terrorists

Virginia talks about an urban legend regarding employees who are so “checked out” at work that they actively undermine the organization. Nick brings it back to the DMS world and asks whether or not volunteers act the same way.

Episode 140: Behavioral Economics Revisited

Virginia discusses the new things that she has learned about behavioral economics since the last podcast on the subject.

Episode 134: Our Final Meal

Nick and Virginia talk about what they’d eat if it was their last meal.

Episode 127: Baking

Nick discusses his new love of baking bread.  P.S. Happy Thanksgiving from the NerdAbsurd crew!!!!! Click here to listen!

Episode 126: Dinosaurs having sex

Nick and Virginia interview dinosaur expert, Brian Switek about how dinosaurs likely mated.  Brian explains how dinosaurs likely raised their young, and Nick asks more questions about how scientists know so much about dinosaurs.  Brian Switek is the author of “My Beloved Brontosaurus” and “Written in Stone.”  You can learn more about Brian on his website,, on his paleo-adventure site, Dinologue, on his National Geographic blog, Laelaps, and on his Twitter page. Read More...

Episode 123: Margee Kerr talks about Fear

Fear expert Margee Kerr helps usher in the holiday season by discussing why people like haunted houses, what makes us afraid, and why it’s actually good for us to face some of our fears. Find out more at or by listening to the ScareHouse Podcast!

Episode 119: Brian Switek and Dinosaurs!

Nick and Virginia talk to Brian Switek, author of “My Beloved Brontosaurus” and “Written in Stone”, about everything dinosaurs.  You can learn more about Brian on his website,, on his paleo-adventure site, Dinologue, and on his Twitter page. Click here to listen!

Episode 118: Life as a Simulation

NerdAbsurd’s resident science expert, Oguz Yetkin, joins Nick and Virginia to discuss the potential that life as we know it is a simulation.  Virginia can’t believe that aliens would enjoy watching her life unfold, Nick worries that nothing is real, and Oguz gives an informal overview of all the science fiction on the topic. Click here to listen! Note: Here are some of the links that Oguz mentions in the Read More...