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Episode : The Best Halloween Party Ever

Nick helps Virginia plan the most bitching Halloween party ever.

Episode 123: Margee Kerr talks about Fear

Fear expert Margee Kerr helps usher in the holiday season by discussing why people like haunted houses, what makes us afraid, and why it’s actually good for us to face some of our fears. Find out more at or by listening to the ScareHouse Podcast!

Happy Halloween, kids.

Try not to be scared! For more photos of people in a haunted house, check out this Wired article.

Episode 9: Halloween is Awesome!

Today Virginia demonstrates just how overly excited she is about Halloween.  Nick tells his story about a homemade flame thrower. (Don’t worry. Nothing caught fire.) We talk about how much Andrew loves trick or treating and the time he received fresh pumpkin pie when he knocked on a door.  We developed a new theory on life: Parents take their small children trick or treating because they like getting candy just as much as the Read More...

Episode 8: Stuff that scares us.

With Halloween around the corner and the day getting dark early, Virginia and the guys decided to talk about what scares them. [powerpress]

Guts For Your Halloween Party

I’m trying not to be too excited about Halloween, but, frankly, I just can’t help it.  Here is my new favorite Halloween snack: Human entrails.  Eat up, little goblins! (And check out the original post for instructions on how to recreate this little beauty at your own shingdig!)

Halloween is coming!

We here at Nerd Absurd are a little bit too excited about Halloween.  Today we found some freaky cool videos about how to do perfect Halloween makeup.  You’re going to love it.