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Episode : The Best Halloween Party Ever

Nick helps Virginia plan the most bitching Halloween party ever.

Episode 132: Post-Holiday Blues

Virginia asks Nick if he ever suffers from the post-holiday blues. Nick argues that that’s not a thing.  By the way, apparently being sad after Christmas is a thing.

Episode 128: NerdAbsurd does Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of our listeners! Click here to listen!

Episode 127: Baking

Nick discusses his new love of baking bread.  P.S. Happy Thanksgiving from the NerdAbsurd crew!!!!! Click here to listen!

Episode 123: Margee Kerr talks about Fear

Fear expert Margee Kerr helps usher in the holiday season by discussing why people like haunted houses, what makes us afraid, and why it’s actually good for us to face some of our fears. Find out more at or by listening to the ScareHouse Podcast!

Partial transcript: Episode 13 (Gifting)

Virginia: We’re approaching the holiday season.  I’m interested in hearing all of your best strategies for giving the best gifts. Andrew: Know your target. Virginia: We’re talking about gift giving, not hunting. Andrew: They’re roughly the same thing, right? Nick: I think the key is to not set an arbitrary dollar amount.  That’s the easiest way to completely wreck gift giving. Virginia: What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a Read More...

Episode 13: Gifting

As usual, the nerds take a decidedly scientific approach to gift giving. Nick prefers to buy really thoughtful, sometimes extravagant gifts. Andrew prefers to give gifts that he’ll be able to use as well. Virginia tries to maximize the happiness by spreading gift giving across several days. (Here’s the science behind happiness. Use it at your own discretion this holiday season.) Finally, the team discusses the optimal strategy for white elephant exchanges and how to Read More...