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Episode 145: Plane Crashes in the News

Virginia and Nick talk about all of the plane crashes that have been in the news lately.

Partial Transcript: Episode 63 (Content on the Web)

Virginia: I wanted to talk about this topic: Is there too much content on the internet? Andrew: Nope.  Case closed.  End of podcast. Virginia: I love how we have these 30 second podcasts. Andrew: We’re not contributing to too much information this way. Leland: Yeah.  It’s just the right amount of information. Virginia: Thanks, guys.  I got my answer. Andrew: We can go drink. Leland: I’m actually drinking Prosecco out Read More...

Episode 63: Content on the Web

Virginia asks, “Is there too much content on the web?” The guys debate just how many cat videos are “too many” to have online (answer: there is no such thing as too many cat videos). Then Katie tells us about her guilty internet passion (it’s not porn, you perverts!). Click here to listen!

The Bill Nye Video you HAVE TO SEE

This will come in handy on our new podcast (to come out later this afternoon).  Bill Nye is classy as hell in the way he handles this news anchor’s silly question.