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Episode 41: Personality Testing

The Nerd Absurd team discusses the Myers Briggs test and other personality assessments.  Virginia and Andrew recount being tested for work and Nick speculates about why corporations use these tests. During the middle of the podcast, we encounter a power outage.  But, we’re professionals.  So it’s all cool. Click here to listen!

Partial Transcript: Episode 41 (Personality Testing)

Nick: Myers Briggs is the most common personality test given in the United States. Virginia: The December 14th Washington Post has an article about the history of the test.  It suggests that Myers Briggs is a little bit of BS. Andrew: We’re not going to get sued for this, are we?  It’s our opinion.  Only our opinion. Virginia: And you know what they say about opinions. Nick: They’re like assholes. Read More...