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Transcript: Episode 77 (Retirement)

Virginia: Tonight we’re going to talk about retirement. Nick: Give us all of your little subtopics. Virginia: Ok!  So, we talked about this earlier.  What I want to talk about is a) should you have the right to retire, b) if there is, how long should you be able to spend in retirement, c) who should be able to make decisions regarding your retirement. Andrew: Who would like to go Read More...

Episode 77: Retirement

On this episode, we talk about whether or not people should get a guaranteed retirement, how we should pay for it, and what sorts of characteristics would allow someone to opt out of the system.

Partial Transcript: Episode 14 (Social Security and Gen Y)

Nick: We’re Generation Y.  As in, why us? Andrew: That’s such a boring name for a generation. Nick: It’s better than Generation Z. Andrew: The zombie generation? Virginia: Technically, wouldn’t they be our kids? Andrew: Kids today are complete TV zombies.  Maybe that’s how the apocalypse starts. Virginia: With the TV? Weren’t the Boomers the first generation to be raised with TV’s in the house? Andrew: I wasn’t around then, Read More...