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Episode 133: Charlie Hebdo 

Virginia speculates as to the best response to such a horrible tragedy.

Partial Transcript: Episode 67 (Terrorism)

Nick: I hate this. Virginia: You brought it up. Andrew: I want to start with the case of Justin Carter. Virginia: How old is he? Andrew: 18.  He said something stupid on the internet, which happens every day.  Most of the time, no one thinks twice.  This guy gets thrown in jail. Leland: He wrote, “I’m fucked in the head all right.  I think Ima shoot up a kindergarten / Read More...

Episode 67: Terrorism

We discuss Justin Carter, the 18-year-old from San Antonio who was arrested for making terroristic threats following a Facebook conversation.  We discuss the differences between terrorism and general violence and how accidentally saying “bomb” in the airport can get you thrown in jail.  Finally, we talk about the role of fear in society and how to prevent these sorts of events from happening in the future. Click here to listen!