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Episode : The Best Halloween Party Ever

Nick helps Virginia plan the most bitching Halloween party ever.

Episode 170: Nick’s Pickle

Nick discusses his new hobby: pickling things.

Episode 169: Ahmed Mohamed and Science Education

Nick and Virginia complain about the treatment of Ahmed Mohamed at the hands of the Irving School District.

Episode 168: Nick goes to the lake

Nick can’t stop talking about his buddy’s pool table collection. Virginia remains skeptical.

Episode 167: Dating

Nick and Virginia discuss the unwritten rules of dating.

Episode 166: Dumb teenagers

Nick and Virginia discuss the dumb crap that teenagers do.

Episode 165: Nick loves Bill

Nick finds an old essay that he wrote in high school about how Bill Cosby was his idol.

Episode 164: Nick goes to Pittsburg

Nick talks about his trip to Pittsburg for pinball fun.

Episode 163: Cecil the Lion

Yeah yeah. It’s been too long since this happened. But whatever. Virginia argues that the dentist was guilty. Nick thinks the internet is too fast to take justice into its own hands.

Episode 162: New Location

Nick and Virginia record their first podcast in the new location!