Transcript of Episode 9: Halloween is Awesome!

Partial Transcript

Virginia: I’m so excited.

Andrew: You seem extremely excited.

Virginia: It is my favorite holiday for a number of reasons.  To me, Halloween is the last of the holidays where you aren’t pressured to celebrate.

Nick: What about Thanksgiving?

Virginia: There’s no pressure with Halloween.  You can choose not to celebrate it.  If you try to do the same thing with Christmas, you might as well drop off the face of the planet.

Mike: How’s that?

Virginia: Can you imagine telling anybody that you know that you don’t celebrate Christmas?

Mike: I don’t.

Andrew: Jehovah’s witnesses don’t.

Virginia: Yeah, but they have a religious excuse. I don’t have an excuse, I just don’t like it.

Andrew: Jewish people don’t.

Mike: Yeah.

Virginia: But, I mean still…As someone who doesn’t have much religious belief at all…

Nick: So you don’t go to church on Christmas?

Virginia: No.

Nick: Not at all?

Virginia: Not for the past five or six years.

Andrew: Christmas is about the presents for me.

Virginia: For me, Halloween is about creativity and imagination.

Andrew: Free candy.

Virginia: The only candy you get at Christmas are those peppermint candy canes.

Andrew: But I love those. And cookies.

Nick: Peppermint bark.

Virginia: How many times do you get dressed up in stuff for Christmas?

Nick: I love Christmas.

Virginia: I’m just saying that Halloween is by far my favorite.

Andrew: I’ve always liked Halloween because my birthday is around Halloween.

Nick: My birthday is near Halloween, and no one gave me anything.

Virginia: Who bought your sandwich tonight?  You ungrateful co-host.

Andrew: He’ll never forget that birthday present.

Nick: I won’t!

Virginia: You’ll be burping it eight hours from now.  Anyway, there’s this party where they are very serious about it.  They go out of their minds with professional makeup.

Nick: Like spending five grand on a costume.

Virginia: They have it catered.  They decorate the whole house.  Last year they hired a photographer.  There was a backdrop so that you could take photos.

Andrew: Why wasn’t I invited?

Virginia: It’s only my third year.  I gotta build rapport.

Nick: I’ve got an ex going to my favorite party.  We broke up at Halloween last year.

Virginia: Because of something that happened at the party?

Nick: Sort of…

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