Partial Transcript: Episode 17 (Obsession over the 80’s)


Virginia: We’re talking about the 80’s today, which apparently, Nicole really likes.

Nicole: I do!

Virginia: Then we’ll just turn it over to you.  Please tell us what you love about the 1980’s.

Nicole: I basically ignore all of the political and economic problems of the time.  I basically focus on the movies, the music, and the hair.  I have a huge collection of campy sci fi’s and heart throb movies.  You can’t go wrong with the Brat Pack, Molly Ringwald, Jud Nelson, Emilio Estevez.  I love the music.  They just really overdid it.

Nick: The decade when music died…

(Andrew does some bad singing.)

Nicole: Andrew and I even did a throw-back to the “Breakfast Club” in our wedding pictures.  The photographer caught us doing a fist bump in the air.  The sun was setting.  It was totally perfect.  We might even have a video of it.

Virginia: What is your favorite 80’s movie?

Nicole: Probably “Adventures in Babysitting.”

Virginia: Really?

Nick: I’ve never even seen that.

Nicole: I mostly enjoy teen heart throb movies.  There was something youthful and hopeful.  It was a very can-do attitude.  There was also this angst.  I could relate while I was growing up.  As a teen in the 90’s, I felt like I knew those people.  “Adventures in Babysitting” was good because of the sheer adventure of it.  It was a wild ride.

Andrew: What about “Real Genius”?

Virginia: I loved that movie!

Mike: “Ferris Bueler’s Day Off”

Virginia: Loved that one too.  It’s interesting to me that no one makes movies about the 90’s.  Maybe it’s because we haven’t had enough distance from the 90’s…

Nick: It could be the 20-year thing.  We’re too close to the 90’s.

Virginia: To me, it seems like the 80’s owned itself.

Nick: What about “Dazed and Confused”?  It was filmed in the 90’s and based on the 70’s.

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