Partial Transcript: Episode 10 (Travel. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly)

Virginia: I just got back from being out of town.  Nick is about to go to Austin.

Andrew: Nick, how do you fly?  You’re a big guy.  It seems like it would be cramped.

Nick: I do fly.  I just need to sit in the emergency row or on the aisle.

Andrew: They put me on the emergency row once, and I didn’t know what to do with all this space.

Virginia: I can put in a minibar!

Nick: And some bunk beds!

Andrew: What was weird was that I couldn’t reach…

Nick: The floor?

Andrew: I can reach the floor.  But, if I stretch my legs out, I can’t reach the seat in front.

Mike: How close does your head come to hitting the ceiling?

Nick: Actually, I’m not that bad except on Southwest.  I can’t stand up in the center aisle.  It sucks when you hit your head on that stupid little warning light that pops out.

Virginia: It’s even worse because it’s a warning light.

Andrew: I can almost stand up in the lower parts of the plane.

Nick: The corners of the luggage compartments are the worst.

Virginia: That never even crossed my mind.

Andrew: This is why I think the train is the best way to go.  If you can afford it and can take your time going somewhere, the train is the best way to go.

Nick: I agree with you.  Luxury on a train is super nice.  They have bar and food carts.  You drink, you eat, you go sleep.  And you can also hook up on a train.  There’s not much other travel where you can do that.

Andrew: You can bring your own alcohol on a train!

Virginia: But there aren’t very many trains in the US.

Andrew: Amtrack is all over the place.

Virginia: When’s the last time you took an Amtrack train?

Andrew: About three years ago.

Nick: I tried to take a train to Lollapalooza last year.  It’s a big party train.

Virginia: From Dallas to Chicago?

Nick: It’s two nights, and it’s expensive.  It’s like $600 to $700.

Virginia: But you would have been paying for a hotel otherwise.

Andrew: And that includes meals.  There’s a dining car.

Virginia: I have a funny train story.  I was traveling Europe in college.  We did the “hiking during the day” and sleep on the train at night.  We were cheap, so we paid for a six-sleeper room.  It was just my boyfriend and I in our party, and the other four beds were German students. They spoke no English. It was a long day.  I was exhausted.  I was sweaty.  My feet were sweaty.  I took my boots off, and the smell stunk up the whole room.  I didn’t know how to say, “I’m sorry.”  What can you do?

Andrew: Put your boots back on!

Virginia: Eventually it dissipated.  It is burned in my mind this awkward moment.

Nick: I thought you were going to say that it was burning your eyes!

Mike: Tell us your sleeper rack story.

Nick: When the other tourists were worried that the top bunk couldn’t support me?  Yeah, the conductor came in and was pulling on the supports while I was up there to prove that I wasn’t too heavy.

Virginia: I’m surprised that you didn’t get claustrophobic.

Nick: Low ceilings really get me.

Mike: What’s your worst travel experience?

Virginia: For me, it’s when my husband got thrown up on in a casino in Vegas.

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