Partial Transcript: Episode 23 (Open Mic)

Nick: Just so you guys know, we’ve been sitting here for about an hour and a half just eating.

Virginia: We basically have no topic for tonight.

Andrew: I ate all the turkey, by the way.  I said that I would, and I did.

Virginia: Well, technically you ate the last half of it.  There were others that partook of the turkey.

Nick: You just ate what was left.

Virginia: I know that you want the title and all, but…

Andrew: Well, then next time I’ll eat all the turkey.

Nick: So Andrew was talking about his Linux root thumb drive.

Andrew: We had a couple of Linux boxes get hacked.

Mike: What, Linux gets hacked?

Andrew: It does when your password is “password.”

Virginia: That’s not very secure?

Mike: Neither is “secret”?

Virginia: Secret would have never crossed my mind.

Andrew: I had to reformat a flash drive, and I had to give it a name.  So, I just called it “danger.”  When people plug it in, they’re like, “Why does your flash drive say, ‘danger?’”

Virginia: I’m not sure that I want to borrow it…

Andrew: It doesn’t really have viruses.

Nick: Tell us about the password “hunter2.”  What is that based on?

Andrew: This was about a decade ago.  These guys are in IRC and are talking.  Someone goes, “If you type your password into IRC, it will just show up as asterisks.”  He types in his password, and sure enough, it’s all asterisks to everyone.  So the next guy tries it, and, of course, it shows that his password is “hunter2.”  That guy says that it’s not working.  Everyone else says, “Yeah.  When you type ‘hunter2’, all we see is ‘*******’”

Virginia: I think I’ve seen that before.

Andrew: I was on Reddit’s tales from tech support, and apparently there was a guy who was using hunter2 with no idea that it was part of this huge meme.

Virginia: I believe it was Richard Dawkins that coined the term, and he spells it out in his book how you’re supposed to pronounce it.  Meme.

Andrew: Normally I just type “meme.”

Virginia: It’s pretty embarrassing when you mispronounce it.

Nick: Are you guys ready for topic two for tonight?

Andrew: What’s topic two?

Nick: Backyard ballistics.

Virginia: In other words: How not to be able to file claims on your insurance.

Nick: Exactly.

Virginia: I hope your agent isn’t listening.

Nick: I’m sure you guys have all built potato cannons.

Andrew: I have made a trebuchet.

Nick: That doesn’t count.

Virginia: We made one of those in college, and this guy got his hand caught in the rope.

Andrew: How big of a trebuchet was it?

Virginia: It was huge.  Like eight feet tall.

Nick: Did it fling him?

Virginia: Nope.  But he had to have several surgeries to get his hand back to normal.  He had his hand in the rope, and someone let go of it.  It almost ripped his hand off.

Nick: I saw a video of someone loading a trebuchet using a Jeep to raise the weight.  The string broke, and it whipped this guy into the weight.

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