Partial Transcript: Episode 28 (Open Mic)

Virginia: I’m really dragging right now.

Nick: Cause we’re going to do an open mic.  We’ve recorded two podcasts tonight, and we’re running out of ideas for the third.

Virginia: Everyone is going to realize how little planning we put into this.

Nick: Sometimes you gotta lift up the curtain, pull up the dress.

Andrew: That sounds awful.

Virginia: That image, and the gesture you just did…

Nick: Open mic.  What’s been on your minds?  I know me and Andrew have been staring at these gun laws and wondering if guns will be illegal soon.

Andrew: Just reading these things are panic-inducing.  Why would you do this?

Nick: The only guns we’ll be allowed are BB guns and water pistols.  The assault rifle ban could ban water pistols.  It’s based on the grips and sights.

Andrew: It’s only for chemically-propelled guns.  Won’t apply to water guns.  I did learn that Australia requires you to get a firearm license to buy a paintball gun.

Nick: I just think it would further explain the idiocy when you have 11 year olds waiting in line to buy their paintball gun.

Andrew: I think you have to be 18 to get a license, so kids won’t even be able to play.

Nick: It is pretty dangerous.  I saw something funny on YouTube.  It was the video of the celebrities calling for action on gun control.  It’s “We demand a plan!”

Andrew: We demand a plan, but we’re not going to specify anything.  It’s the typical “Won’t someone think of the children!” Emotional reaction.

Nick: Every time the celebrities would say something about gun control, they would cut to a clip of them using guns irresponsibly in movies.

Virginia: That’s awesome.

Nick: Some of them were people running down the street and firing into the air.  That shows exactly how stupid those people are.

Andrew: Almost all of the actors and actress in that video have shot people in movies.

Nick: It’s funny because it’s easy to laugh at them.  But, they also didn’t specify a plan.  We can’t laugh too much or we’ll be classified as gun nuts.

Virginia: You guys are definitely on a list somewhere.

Andrew: I’m on more than one list, I’m sure.  I don’t look forward to flying any time soon.

Virginia: When is the last time you flew?

Andrew: About a year ago.  I’m actually probably not on a list.  I’m a moral, upstanding citizen.

Nick: I’m on a list.

Virginia: Which list?

Nick: There’s countries you can’t go into.

Andrew: Bull.  You mean the ones that no one in the US is allowed to enter due to their political climate?

Nick: No.  Because I have some stamps from other places I’ve been, they wouldn’t let me into other countries.

Andrew: Are you serious.  Like what?

Nick: Like Korea.

Andrew: So you can’t go to like South Korea?

Nick: No.  I can to South Korea.  There are countries that have issues with Korea.  If you have a stamp on your passport saying that you’ve been to Korea, they won’t let you in.

Virginia.  Why don’t you just get a new passport?

Nick: That’s illegal.

Andrew: It’s like renewing it.

Virginia: Then you have a new passport, and the stamp is gone.  Problem solved.

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