Partial Transcript: Episode 50!!

Virginia: This is our 50th show!

Andrew: Whooooooo!

Nick: No one can see you throwing your hands up.

Andrew: I felt really empowered.  It’s a big deal.  We got to 50 without trying to kill each other.

Virginia: Well….

Andrew: We didn’t really try to kill each other.  There were threats, but…

Nick: We have champagne.  We’re celebrating.

Virginia: Nick just finished it off, so the rest of the show is going to be downhill from here.

Nick: We have another bottle.

Virginia: We do.  I don’t think we should open it.

Nick: Why?

Virginia: Because we’re old and have to drive home later.

Nick: You’re old.

Virginia: We are going to do an open mic tonight.

Andrew: I thought we were going to talk about the guy who doesn’t eat food anymore.

Virginia: I should have pulled up the article, but now that we’re on our 50th episode, I’m really lazy.

Nick: Right.  She’s like barely wearing pants.

Virginia: Sweatpants count…

Nick: This guy has sworn off solid food and is only drinking nutritional shakes.

Virginia: I would bet that by the time this airs, the guy will be back on solid food.

Nick: Or dead.

Virginia: Yes.  Very possible.

Andrew: The whole premise sounds kind of crazy.  Mixing X amount of this, Y amount of that.  Then mixing it all into a shake and drinking it.

Nick: And he’s taking it in the chemical form, not in the natural form.

Andrew: I wonder if he did any research into the processing and absorption of nutrients.

Nick: He factored that in.

Virginia: So he’s figured out how much gets absorbed and how much just passes through and adjusts the dosage accordingly?

Nick: Exactly.  He told stories about how he’d get the mix wrong, and he’s be instantly sick.

Virginia: At dinner, we were talking about he’s probably one of those people who just hate food.

Nick: He might be the opposite of a super taster.  He might be immune to bad taste.

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