Transcript: Episode 56 (Google Glass)

Virginia: Today we’re going to talk about augmented reality, privacy, cell phones, and Google Glass.

Andrew: We’re just throwing a bunch of shit in.

Virginia: Basically it’s about how we interact with people while using technology.  I brought this topic up because I don’t really know anything about Google Glass.

Nick: Did you even apply for beta?

Virginia: No.  I didn’t even try.  Did you?

Nick: I made it to the second stage, and then they never got back to me.  I wrote all about how I was going to use it.

Andrew: Too vague.

Virginia: Why didn’t you send it to me for spell-checking?

Andrew: There was a time limit.

Virginia: Tell me again what the glasses do.

Nick: They overlay your cell phone’s display onto your glasses.

Andrew: Think about all of the stuff your cell phone does with a head’s up display.

Nick: And very low quality.  Very low quality.

Andrew:  Right now anyway.

Nick: It’s almost like a clock display.

Andrew: My problem with it is that it doesn’t appear to be actual augmented reality, which is what I want.

Nick: You want to look down the streets at the restaurants and see the menus popping out.

Andrew: Or if I’m getting directions to something, I want to see a line drawn on the ground.

Nick: Or if you’re playing an augmented reality game, then you want a portal to show up in your periphery.

Andrew: If I’m playing Ingress, I want to see stuff pop up as I walk by it.

Virginia: How far away are we from that?

Andrew: I don’t know.  I said six months ago that we were five years away from someone printing a 3D gun, but we just did that last week.

Virginia: Is the brain behind this in your pocket?  Do you have to wear a phone on your ear?

Nick: You take duct tape and wrap it around your head.

Virginia: Shut up.

Nick: The CPU is in the glasses.

Virginia: How much does it weigh? My phone isn’t light.

Andrew: Most of the weight in your phone is the battery.

Nick: And the glass.

Andrew: I guess if you got rid of a lot of that stuff, it could be pretty light.

Nick: It’s not crazy powerful.  It’s not a cell phone.  It doesn’t have its own radio or anything.

Andrew: It has to because you can talk on it.

Nick: It does that through your phone.

Virginia: I can’t find anything online about how much it weighs.

Andrew: It still doesn’t have the augmented reality that I’d like to see.

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