Transcript: Episode 58 (Truthers)

Virginia: I don’t even want to say it.  I feel like I might get in trouble.

Nick: Tonight we talk about truthers.

Virginia: Nick doesn’t care.

Nick: I watch a guy on YouTube called “Miles Powers.”  He’s sort of turned his whole channel over to “let’s debunk what needs to be debunked about 9-11.”  There’s become this whole running of truthers behind 9-11 that’s almost become religious.  They turn a blind eye to all scientific evidence, and they go, “No.  We’ve already proved this.”

Leland: Does he say “religious” or “dogmatic”?

Nick: Probably dogmatic.  But, I thought it would be cool to talk about truthers because I get caught up in it myself sometimes.  I look at it and go, “This feels like bullshit.  Why does this feel like bullshit.”  Then I’ll YouTube it, and I see someone who has broken it down, like the Sandy Hook shooting.  The stuff that was online was pretty crazy.  It was scary.  It gives you a visceral reaction.

Leland: I did think of another truther thing.  The Boston Bombing.

Nick: My buddy who is a fireworks expert said that there was no way those were fireworks.

Virginia: I thought it was a bomb.

Nick: The official statement was that it was made from firework parts.  My buddy said that fireworks don’t put off yellow smoke.  You get grey smoke, black smoke, white smoke.  But that’s it.  You don’t get a solid color of yellow.

Katie: What produces yellow?

Nick: High explosives.  It wasn’t produced by a bunch fireworks.

Katie: In a pressure cooker…

Nick: Yes.

Katie: So he’s willing to question the official story.

Leland: Based on the color of the smoke.

Nick: But he’s not a truther.  He doesn’t go on about a conspiracy.  He just said, “It’s not fireworks.”

Katie: So where does that leave you, though?  If you realize that it doesn’t add up…

Virginia: To me, it says that the news shortened the government press release and said “fireworks” because no one else would understand it.

Katie: They interviewed the woman who worked at the fireworks store.  She gave a testimony about it.

Leland: I’m reading a quote from the lady: “He just wanted the biggest, loudest stuff in the store.”

Katie: See, I didn’t make it up.

Virginia: Maybe he really liked fireworks.

Nick: I think where the separation comes in is that they go, “Well, they lied about this.  They’re lying about everything.”

Leland: Who is “they”?

Nick: The government.  The man.

Virginia: What gets me is that I’m not very good at keeping secrets.

Katie: Compartmentalization is what a truther will tell you.  It’s not this big, large, monolithic government.  It’s a bunch of small cogs who just do small things.  You can’t have everybody know what’s going on, so they usually say that it’s your Bilderberg group who is pulling the strings.

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