Partial Transcript: Episode 62 (India)

Virginia: I’m not really sure what we’re talking about today.

Nick: Katie’s going to ask us a question, and we’re going to try to answer it.

Virginia: Do I have to close my computer?

Leland: It’s like an experiment.  Yes, you have to pay attention.

Katie: Your response is actually the one’s I’m most interested in.

Andrew: Turn off the Reddit.

Virginia: I know.  Otherwise, I won’t pay any attention.

Katie: So, I was flying home from New York the other day.  I got stuck in Houston, and all of the Houston to Dallas flights were completely sold out. I was able to find one flight from Houston to Tulsa, then did a quick turnaround to Dallas.  Nine seats were available.  Three people were listed to fly.  I couldn’t believe that I actually got home.  There were over 80 people on a standby list for Dallas.  I couldn’t believe it.  I shouldn’t have been on that flight but I was.  Now, I ended up getting a seat next to a guy, and I told him that I was headed to India in October.  I’ll be doing service work there with some girls.  He said, “Really?  I’ve got 6,000 rupees in my bag.  I’m not going back to India, do you want them?”  That’s about $100.  I said, “Yeah, sure.  Can I write you a check?”

Virginia: You just got drug money.

Andrew: You just admitted to money laundering.

Katie: Actually, it is illegal to take rupees out of the country.  That’s what I heard.  Nevertheless, he gave me the money as a gift.  My question for you is, many people with whom I engage on a daily basis would say that that’s a miracle.  God wanted you on that flight.  That will buy a ton of school supplies.

Leland: Circumstance.

Virginia: How many other people have you told about your trip to India in October?

Katie: I don’t know.  How many of them gave me 6,000 rupees?

Virginia: That’s the point.  If you say it to enough people, there’s a chance that you’ll get something that tends to confirm your belief that it was God.  I can’t believe that I’m saying this.  In my family, on the back of the toilet in one of our houses is a jar of currency from other countries.

Nick: You’ve got shit money.

Leland: I’ve got currency as well.

Virginia: Did he have them on the plane?

Katie: It was in his bag.  He just gave it to me.

Virginia: Did you ask him how much other money he had?

Katie: No, because that would be weird.

Andrew: He’s setting you up for being caught sneaking money back into India.

Virginia: The dog at the airport is going to say, “My, this smells a lot like cocaine.”  He didn’t happen to give you a snake-shaped fertility charm, did he?

Katie: He had been a contractor in over there.

Andrew: My suggestion is to take the money and exchange it for US dollars, then exchange it back once you’ve over there.

Virginia: Or buy Bitcoins.

Andrew: Always buy Bitcoins.

Virginia: The question is: Coincidence or God?

Katie: Yeah.  So many people would be quick to say, “What an amazing God, an affirmation of faith.”

Leland: Let’s look at it from a logical standpoint.  God has it within his ability $100 in rupees, why didn’t he give you $1,000?

Andrew: I see it as an interesting coincidence that highlights the kindness of strangers.

Leland: It reaffirms my faith in people.

Andrew: It speaks more about the goodness of people.

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