Partial Transcript: Episode 66 (Multilevel Marketing)

Virginia: I feel like you guys are over-hyping this whole thing.

Andrew: I think they’re boring as shit.

Nick: I watched some sex show on HBO back in the day…

Andrew: I don’t know.

Nick: Shut up!  Everybody who had cable watched this show.

Virginia: Baywatch?

Nick: It was like, “Sex Around the World” or something like that.  In one of them, they had one of these sex parties in it.  The lady was teaching people how to put on condoms with their mouths.

Virginia: Let’s be clear.  We’re not talking about sex parties where 50 people show up and take their clothes off.

Andrew: It’s a Tupperware party for dildos.  My understanding is that someone has a stock of these things.  It’s like multilevel marketing.  There’s food and drinking, and it’s mostly just an excuse to drink.  I imagine that almost nothing interesting really happens.

Nick: Tell me what happens.  I’ve never been to one.

Virginia: This is you crashing a party vicariously through me?

Nick: Exactly.  Tell me.

Virginia:  Ok.  It’s basically a multilevel marketing party but with sex toys and not kitchen items.

Nick: How many of these have you been to?

Virginia: One or two?  I’ve been to Pampered Chef and some other parties too, but only one or two for adult toys.

Andrew: These kinds of parties used to be illegal in Texas.

Nick: Have you been to a good one?

Andrew: Good by who’s standards?

Virginia: So, they have in the bathroom the warming gel and ten different kinds of lotions.  You’re encouraged to go back there and try it out.

Nick: Like on your hands?

Virginia: Well, the lotions, yeah.

Nick: Woah!  What about the gel?

Andrew: She’s saying that they were in a private area.

Nick: And just try out some warming gel?!

Virginia: That’s about the most exciting thing that happens.

Andrew: That’s just uncomfortable.  Everyone knows what you’re doing.  It’s like masturbating in public.

Virginia: Apparently girls are more ok with it.

Nick: Girls are way more ok with it than guys.  That would be the world’s creepiest thing ever if a guy went into the bathroom to try out warming gel.  We’ll all stand outside the door and wait for you to come out.

Virginia: It’s not as creepy for women.  They start out with an ice breaker.  They start out with lotions as a “Cosmo” type of thing.  Then they suggest a device for you to use…

Nick: Wait!  A device.  How many of these are meant for the guy?

Virginia: They have one page with beads and some other stuff.

Nick: Bum beads?

Virginia: Yeah.

Andrew: Probably a cock ring or two.

Virginia: Yep.  Anyway… Then of course, they bring out the devices themselves.

Nick: Do they go legit, small to medium?

Virginia: Yeah.

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