Partial Transcript: Episode 76 (Candy)

Nick: What’s everyone’s favorite candy?

Virginia: The one that I’m eating.

Andrew: Which is?

Virginia: Well, technically I have a potpourri of candy.  I’m eating Sour Patch Kids right now.  I was eating Butterfinger before that.  And I’m drinking a Shiner.

Nick: We can’t advocate for any brand.

Andrew: They could pay us.

Virginia: We could tweet them.

Andrew: My favorite candy is Peach Rings.

Nick: Ugh.  Old lady candy.

Virginia: I love Peach Rings.  But, you asked for Skittles last week, and I lost some respect for you.

Andrew: I’m not going to eat a whole bag of Skittles.

Nick: Warm Skittles are really good.

Andrew: Skittles vodka are delicious.

Virginia: We did it with Jolly Ranchers.

Andrew: We tried that too, and it came out really good.  The watermelon and the cherry were the best.

Virginia: In high school, when we would drink illegally, we would take Zimas…

Nick: I remember those.  It took like 40 to get a buzz, even as a kid.

Virginia: For you.  My one was more than enough.

Nick: You got buzzed off Zima?

Andrew: It was a sugar high.

Virginia: Anyway, you’d put a Jolly Rancher in it, and it’s taste like that. I was so sad when they discontinued it.

Nick: When I was a kid, there was a convenience store that would sell Zima to minors.

Virginia: Were they stupid?

Nick: They knew it was alcohol.  They were just trying to move it.  Every kid knew that it was for sale.

Andrew: So, what’s your favorite candy?

Nick: The gummy raspberries with sugar dots on it.

Andrew: I don’t know if I’ve ever had that.

Nick: They’re like Dots.

Andrew: Never had them.

Virginia: They’re the bane of any Halloween bag’s existence.

Andrew: The worst Halloween candy is Tootsie Rolls.

Nick: Yes.  They are horrible.

Virginia: They get left behind.  Towards the end, you’re happy to see them because they’re all that are left behind.

Nick: I can top that: vanilla Tootsie Rolls.

Virginia: Yeah.  The special flavors are bad.

Nick: You not only bought the worst candy, but you got the multiflavored variety.

Andrew: Mom used to buy Tootsie Rolls for Halloween, and the kids would never come there.  I was walking home one night, and a kid said, “Don’t go to that house.  That’s the Tootsie Roll House.”

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