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NerdAbsurd Flashback: David Lankes

In December, we’re running some of our best podcast interviews. Check out this oldie by goodie: This week’s episode is super cool.  We got David Lankes, a professor of information studies at Syracuse University (also known as the world’s best public speaker), to talk to us about libraries.  We thought we’d have a grand debate on the topic of libraries and electronic media, but what we actually had was a Read More...

Episode 89: Social Conundrums

In this episode, Nick and Virginia discuss the social dilemmas they’ve run across recently: Virginia wonders whether or not to return the phone call from a colleague who appears to have forgotten an entire conversation, and Nick frets his iPhone’s setting that automatically broadcasts his pictures to everyone in his family.

Episode 80: Open Mic

The Nerd Absurd crew discusses Nick’s old office, finding kittens in the rain, movies that cannot exist in the modern world, leaving Reddit, and leaving reviews on Amazon.

Get it now: Your NSA Star Wars T-shirt

We got a little creative last night and made a t-shirt in honor of our government.  You can get it on Ebay, and we’ll be donating $1 of each sale to EFF.

Dear listeners, We had a great guest on our show last week.  His name is David Lankes, and he talked to us for over an hour about libraries.  We had more fun than a bunch of puppies playing in a mud puddle.  The post goes live tomorrow.  Give it a listen.  It’s well worth your time. Sincerely, Nerd Absurd

We here at Nerd Absurd are trying to keep our content of the highest quality.  That means that we’ll be moving to once a week posting of podcasts.  It helps us get better speakers and build more interesting topics.  It also gives us an occasional break from editing and posting. So, thanks for listening.  We really appreciate it.  We hope that you aren’t too mad about the once a week Read More...

Amazing Red Bull Video

As I stumbled through YouTube watching videos of two Asian guys hitch hiking across America. I found this amazing video by Red Bull. If this doesn’t make your jaw drop, then not much will. Hope you enjoy the video. -Nick

Episode 8: Stuff that scares us.

With Halloween around the corner and the day getting dark early, Virginia and the guys decided to talk about what scares them. [powerpress]