NerdAbsurd Interviews

From time to time, the NerdAbsurd crew is successful in wrangling some really interesting podcast guests.  Check out all of the cool folks that we’ve been lucky enough to interview:

Gary Belsky, author and behavioral economics speaker:

Tim Knight, author, entrepreneur, and stock market blogger:

Brian Switek, author and dinosaur expert:

John M. Barry, writer and founder of

Sandra E. Allen, Buzzfeed longform writer and editor:

R. David Lankes, PhD, Professor and Dean’s Scholar for the New Librarianship at Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies and the Director of the Information Institute of Syracuse (IIS):

Gary Noesner, former Chief Negotiator for the FBI, author, and security consultant:

Alfie Kohn, author and speaker on the topics of human behavior, education, and parenting:

James Altucher, investor, blogger, author, and speaker:

Episode 57 Link to MP3 File

Thom Robertson, Indie game developer and creator of ARTEMIS: Spaceship Bridge Simulator:

Episode 34 Link to MP3 File

Emile Patron, founder of, an online marketplace for handmade electronics:

Episode 32 Link to MP3 File

Local Guests

Oguz Yetkin, PhD student, University of Texas at Arlington designing a neural interface for control of robotic prosthetic systems:

Cameron Desautels, founder of The Atheists and Freethinker Society at the University of Texas Dallas, and his friend and coworker, Aaron Lasseigne: