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Episode 54: Cheek Swabbing

Today we discuss a Supreme Court decision that makes it legal for police officers to take cheek swabs for DNA following arrests.  We try to make a distinction between DNA as used for identification and DNA as used for more malicious acts.  We lament the growing use of these databases and the implications for future police affairs. Click here to listen!

Transcript: Episode 54 (Cheek Swabbing)

Virginia: Tonight we’re going to talk about cheek swabs. Nick: Everybody backed away and got really silent. Virginia: I’m scared now.  It feels like I did something wrong. Nick: We’re going to talk about how the Supreme Court ruled that it is legal to swab your cheek and run it against a DNA database. Leland: Against your will. Nick: If you are arrested, no matter how trumped up the charges. Read More...