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Episode 147: Pictures, Anxiety, and Being Turned Down by Women

Virginia talks about her discovery regarding anxiety, and Nick ruins her theory. Nick and Virginia talk about Facebook photos and whether or not you pay attention to yourself.  Finally, Nick talks about getting the “you’re a creep” let-down at a bar and how his buddy avoids confrontations at a bar.

Episode 60: Facebook

On today’s episode, we start with trying to debunk some studies that suggest that Facebook causes depression.  Then we promptly get distracted and move into texting, social networking, and Reddit.  In the end, we all admit to using Facebook and not feeling depressed or anxious as a result.  So, even scientists are full of it. Click here to listen!

Transcript: Episode 60 (Facebook)

Virginia: Today we’re going to talk about Facebook… Nick: …depression. Andrew: Facebook depression, that  is.  Well, Facebook and social anxiety. Virginia: This study came out in Germany last year that says Facebook causes depression because you envy other people. Andrew: Couldn’t looking outside cause depression too?  Because you are seeing other people having fun. Virginia: I think it’s the fact that you know the people.  The article says: People who Read More...