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Episode 170: Nick’s Pickle

Nick discusses his new hobby: pickling things.

Episode 134: Our Final Meal

Nick and Virginia talk about what they’d eat if it was their last meal.

Episode 127: Baking

Nick discusses his new love of baking bread.  P.S. Happy Thanksgiving from the NerdAbsurd crew!!!!! Click here to listen!

Episode 76: Candy

**Warning: NSFL** We start off with an innocent discussion of snack foods and our favorite candies.  Then the guys bully Virginia into telling a really disgusting story about why she doesn’t eat Doritos.  If you don’t have a strong stomach, skip the last 5 minutes of this podcast!

Partial Transcript: Episode 76 (Candy)

Nick: What’s everyone’s favorite candy? Virginia: The one that I’m eating. Andrew: Which is? Virginia: Well, technically I have a potpourri of candy.  I’m eating Sour Patch Kids right now.  I was eating Butterfinger before that.  And I’m drinking a Shiner. Nick: We can’t advocate for any brand. Andrew: They could pay us. Virginia: We could tweet them. Andrew: My favorite candy is Peach Rings. Nick: Ugh.  Old lady candy. Read More...

Episode 10: Travel. The good, bad and ugly.

Today we talk about the beauty of being well-adjusted world travelers.  We start by bitching about the lack of legroom on planes.  Then we swap our worst travel stories: vomit in Vegas, American Airlines computer failures (while Nick was traveling back from Australia, yikes!), Andrew’s broken-down train (don’t worry, they all got ice cream), and intestinal distress while on a cross-country bus trip in a third-world country. We decide that travel is Read More...

Pumpkin Pies: Fresh vs Canned

We here at Nerd Absurd believe in science.  Yes.  That’s right.  Good, old-fashioned science.  Last week, the guys challenged the notion that pumpkin pie made from a fresh pumpkin tastes as good as the stuff from a can.  So, we decided to test that theory with a blind tasting. We started with baking a fresh pumpkin.  Here is the poor pumpkin going into the oven.  (It baked at 350 degrees Read More...

Guts For Your Halloween Party

I’m trying not to be too excited about Halloween, but, frankly, I just can’t help it.  Here is my new favorite Halloween snack: Human entrails.  Eat up, little goblins! (And check out the original post for instructions on how to recreate this little beauty at your own shingdig!)