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Episode 75: Marriage

After reading an article by author, Helen Smith, about men boycotting marriage, the Nerd Absurd crew tries to reason with Nick regarding his “forever-bachelor” status.

Partial Transcript: Episode 71 (Private Prisons)

Andrew: So we’re talking about private prisons? Virginia: I have some general comments on the subject. Andrew: Maybe we should define it so that people who aren’t in the know will be able to follow our podcast.  Almost everyone knows what a prison is.  If you’re convicted of a crime, you go to prison.  You’re locked away with other people who have also committed crimes.  Traditionally those places are government-run.  Read More...

Episode 71: Private Prisons

In this episode, we discuss private prisons, drug laws, cost of housing inmates, and other topics related to incarceration. Click here to listen!