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Episode : The Best Halloween Party Ever

Nick helps Virginia plan the most bitching Halloween party ever.

Episode 170: Nick’s Pickle

Nick discusses his new hobby: pickling things.

Episode 168: Nick goes to the lake

Nick can’t stop talking about his buddy’s pool table collection. Virginia remains skeptical.

Episode 164: Nick goes to Pittsburg

Nick talks about his trip to Pittsburg for pinball fun.

Episode 162: New Location

Nick and Virginia record their first podcast in the new location!

Episode 161: New Location Open Mic!

Nick and Virginia talk about all the neat stuff they’ve been up to recently.

Episode 151: The Dating Game NerdAbsurd Style

Nick and Virginia take a test to see how well they know each other.

Episode 142: Mr. Keith’s Van

Virginia wonders whether there’s anything to do regarding Mr. Keith’s van.

Episode 140: Behavioral Economics Revisited

Virginia discusses the new things that she has learned about behavioral economics since the last podcast on the subject.

Episode 134: Our Final Meal

Nick and Virginia talk about what they’d eat if it was their last meal.