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Episode 163: Cecil the Lion

Yeah yeah. It’s been too long since this happened. But whatever. Virginia argues that the dentist was guilty. Nick thinks the internet is too fast to take justice into its own hands.

Episode 131: License Plate Tracking 

Nick discusses the seedy practice of tracking license plates and whether or not citizens can opt out.

Episode 125: Ebola Update and Open Mic

Virginia gives Nick the latest on Ebola.  Nick talks about his love of movies.

Episode 124: Startups, Kickstarter, and Dubious Science

Nick, Oguz, and Virginia discuss the downfalls of crowdsourcing innovation via Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Virginia is bothered by the potential for naive consumers to get hurt by unscrupulous startups, and Oguz worries that more legitimate technologies won’t get adequate funding if the public starts to distrust startups. Show notes below.

Episode 97: Teachers on Reddit

Nick argues that a teacher who posted detailed information about a student on Reddit was being a total jerk.  Leland and Virginia can’t stop laughing at all of the funny things that teacher wrote about.

Episode 94: “IT” the Old People

The crew discusses why older people are so bad at fixing their own computers and comes to a surprisingly insightful conclusion about how people solve problems.

Episode 93: Free to Play Gaming

Leland and Nick discuss the world of free to play games and just how much of a game developers should make free.  Virginia chimes in with her Candy Crush experiences like the hardcore gamer that she is.

Episode 92: Internet Throttling

The Nerd Absurd crew reacts to the Comcast/Netflix deal and what it means for the future of the internet and online entertainment.

Partial Transcript: Episode 63 (Content on the Web)

Virginia: I wanted to talk about this topic: Is there too much content on the internet? Andrew: Nope.  Case closed.  End of podcast. Virginia: I love how we have these 30 second podcasts. Andrew: We’re not contributing to too much information this way. Leland: Yeah.  It’s just the right amount of information. Virginia: Thanks, guys.  I got my answer. Andrew: We can go drink. Leland: I’m actually drinking Prosecco out Read More...

Episode 63: Content on the Web

Virginia asks, “Is there too much content on the web?” The guys debate just how many cat videos are “too many” to have online (answer: there is no such thing as too many cat videos). Then Katie tells us about her guilty internet passion (it’s not porn, you perverts!). Click here to listen!