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Partial Transcript: Episode 71 (Private Prisons)

Andrew: So we’re talking about private prisons? Virginia: I have some general comments on the subject. Andrew: Maybe we should define it so that people who aren’t in the know will be able to follow our podcast.  Almost everyone knows what a prison is.  If you’re convicted of a crime, you go to prison.  You’re locked away with other people who have also committed crimes.  Traditionally those places are government-run.  Read More...

Episode 70: Gerontocracy

After reading “The World Until Yesterday” by Jared Diamond, Virginia talks about the implications of a society where the old are in power (i.e. the United States). Click here to listen!

Partial Transcript: Episode 70 (Gerontocracy)

Andrew: Gerontocracy means old people ruling? Virginia: Yes.  So let me back up and tell you the rest of the story.  Jared Diamond has a new book out. Andrew: Is he old? Virginia: Yes, very old. Andrew: Seems self serving. Virginia: It’s a comparative culture book about how different cultures (hunter-gather societies and privative farming societies) live compared to us.  There’s a chapter on age, and it basically goes something Read More...

Partial Transcript: Episode 65 (Doping in Sports)

Nick: The reason this came up is because of the Red Socks/Yankees game where the pitcher hit A Rod with the ball twice. Virginia: I did not see that. Nick: I sent you the video. Virginia: I hate sports. Nick: Thanks for helping the topic.  This is supposed to be, “Yes and…” Leland: It’s interesting because you can see the anger in this man’s eyes as he throws the pitch.  Read More...

Episode 65: Doping in Sports

In this episode, Nick laments the use of steroids in sports while the rest of the Nerd Absurd crew admits that they don’t watch a lot of sports.

Partial Transcript: Episode 42 (Internet Privacy & Terms of Service)

Andrew: Who owns the Internet? Nick: Everyone saw the scandal about Instagram.  Kim Kardashian is concerned. Andrew: Like I give a shit. Nick: It turns out that they didn’t really change their rights.  They just specified more.  There previous terms covered that and more. Andrew: Most terms of services are like that.  For using our services, you agree that we can do whatever  the fuck we want with your stuff.  Read More...

Episode 42: Internet Privacy & Terms of Service

Today, the Nerd Absurd team discusses terms of service for Internet services and privacy.  We also talk about the uproar over Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr privacy changes despite the warrantless wiretapping done by the government.  Finally, we discuss how these things impact our surfing habits. Click here to listen!

Episode 39: Public Data

After a newspaper published the names and addresses of gun owners in New York, the Nerd Absurd crew tackles the issue of what data should be public and how difficult it should be to get that information.  They discuss public shaming, the presumption of innocence in a technological world, and how long information about things like arrests should be available to the public. Click here to listen!

Partial Transcript: Episode 39 (Public Data)

Nick: I wanted to bring up the idea of people publishing gun owners in an area.  We’ve got similar things here in Texas.  You can watch the arrest records of your local municipality on Facebook. Andrew: Or go onto the website and see who was booked, when, and for what.  It destroys the presumption of innocence.  The website isn’t saying that they’re guilty, but most people assume that if you’re Read More...

Partial Transcript: Episode 35 (RFID Tracking in Schools)

Andrew: So there was a high school girl.  Her family had an issue with the whole RFID tags and tracking where you go in the school.  So, the school told her that she couldn’t go to school. Nick: The family sued the school because they said that they had a religious objection to being tracked.  Their problem with the RFID chips because they were “the mark of the beast.” Virginia: Read More...