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Episode 167: Dating

Nick and Virginia discuss the unwritten rules of dating.

Episode 164: Nick goes to Pittsburg

Nick talks about his trip to Pittsburg for pinball fun.

Episode 162: New Location

Nick and Virginia record their first podcast in the new location!

Episode 161: New Location Open Mic!

Nick and Virginia talk about all the neat stuff they’ve been up to recently.

Episode 159: Ancestors

Nick tries to be melodramatic about a historical record error, and Virginia attempts to convince Nick that she’s Dallas royalty. Also, is it sad that we know so little about our ancestors?

Episode 158: I quit!

Nick never quits anything (preferring instead to let it slowly die off until it’s definitely not his fault for letting the idea die), and Virginia is happy to jump off any project if the payoffs don’t look promising (for example, her recent welding class).

Episode 157: Earthquakes in Texas/Open Mic

Nick and Virginia discuss the recent earthquakes in Dallas, and Nick tries to argue about how much the public healthcare system should cover. Virginia tries not to sound like a giant jerk. As usual, Nick brings it back to DMS activities.

Episode 151: The Dating Game NerdAbsurd Style

Nick and Virginia take a test to see how well they know each other.

Episode 150: The Finish Line

Virginia finishes a stressful final, and Nick talks about the aftermath of the DMS election.

Episode 148: The Dallas Ice Storms (wayyyyyyyy late)

Virginia and Nick talk about what they did during the ice storms.  And yes, this podcast should have gone up about 15 years ago.