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Episode 136: Nick Goes to China

Nick talks about maybe going to China for business, and Virginia harasses him endlessly about getting a mail order bride.

NerdAbsurd Flashback: James Altucher

In December, we’re running some of our best podcast interviews. Check out this oldie by goodie: On this episode, Nick and Virginia talk to James Altucher, the author “Choose Yourself.”  James is a renaissance man who has made and lost a fortune twice; he’s now an investor who sits on the board of several companies and writes about his experiences on his popular blog.  His Daily Practice of eating right, Read More...

Episode 124: Startups, Kickstarter, and Dubious Science

Nick, Oguz, and Virginia discuss the downfalls of crowdsourcing innovation via Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Virginia is bothered by the potential for naive consumers to get hurt by unscrupulous startups, and Oguz worries that more legitimate technologies won’t get adequate funding if the public starts to distrust startups. Show notes below.

Episode 121: Tim Knight Talks Stock Market Bubbles

This week, Nick and Virginia ask author Tim Knight about his book, “Panic, Prosperity, and Progress: Five Centuries of History and the Markets.” They discuss historic stock market bubbles and other panics and talk about today’s startup scene. To learn more about Tim Knight, check out his blog, Slope of Hope, his Facebook page, or his Twitter (@SlopeOfHope). Click here to listen!

Episode 120: NerdAbsurd’s Unscientific Survey

Virginia and Nick talk about listener responses to a short, unscientific survey about consumer purchasing habits. 

NerdAbsurd’s Behavioral Finance Survey Results

Thanks to everybody who participated in our short survey! Here’s a summary of the results that we discussed on the podcast: NerdAbsurd runs a coin-flipping game.  We flip a fair coin, and, if it’s heads, we pay you $10.  If it’s tails, you pay us $3.  Do you play our game? (72% said “yes.”) How about a game where we pay you $1500 for heads and you pay us $300 Read More...

Episode 93: Free to Play Gaming

Leland and Nick discuss the world of free to play games and just how much of a game developers should make free.  Virginia chimes in with her Candy Crush experiences like the hardcore gamer that she is.

Episode 92: Internet Throttling

The Nerd Absurd crew reacts to the Comcast/Netflix deal and what it means for the future of the internet and online entertainment.

Episode 79: The Value of Things

Nick asks, “How do we figure out how to value goods and services?”  Virginia tries to give an economics explanation.  Andrew talks about how we give up hours of our lives for our purchases.  Finally, we all end up giving Nick business advice.

Transcript: Episode 77 (Retirement)

Virginia: Tonight we’re going to talk about retirement. Nick: Give us all of your little subtopics. Virginia: Ok!  So, we talked about this earlier.  What I want to talk about is a) should you have the right to retire, b) if there is, how long should you be able to spend in retirement, c) who should be able to make decisions regarding your retirement. Andrew: Who would like to go Read More...