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Episode 168: Nick goes to the lake

Nick can’t stop talking about his buddy’s pool table collection. Virginia remains skeptical.

Episode 164: Nick goes to Pittsburg

Nick talks about his trip to Pittsburg for pinball fun.

Episode 148: The Dallas Ice Storms (wayyyyyyyy late)

Virginia and Nick talk about what they did during the ice storms.  And yes, this podcast should have gone up about 15 years ago.

Episode 136: Nick Goes to China

Nick talks about maybe going to China for business, and Virginia harasses him endlessly about getting a mail order bride.

Virginia Asks Where Grown-Ups (and Kids) Should go to Learn about Dinosaurs

NerdAbsurd recently interviewed dinosaur blogger and expert Brian Switek about dinosaurs, and we couldn’t help but put together a list of his travel recommendations for the ultimate dinosaur enthusiast: Utah’s Dinosaur Diamond.  It connects sites in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah.  Start in Salt Lake City at the Natural History Museum of Utah.  See the “Past Worlds” exhibit, which you can’t see anywhere else. Then visit Dinosaur National Monument. Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry. Morrison, Colorado has a ton Read More...

Episode 62: India

Katie asks whether an event that happened to her while on a plane is divine will or simply a coincidence (the story has to do with India).  Then we talk about vacationing in India. Click here to listen!

Partial Transcript: Episode 62 (India)

Virginia: I’m not really sure what we’re talking about today. Nick: Katie’s going to ask us a question, and we’re going to try to answer it. Virginia: Do I have to close my computer? Leland: It’s like an experiment.  Yes, you have to pay attention. Katie: Your response is actually the one’s I’m most interested in. Andrew: Turn off the Reddit. Virginia: I know.  Otherwise, I won’t pay any attention. Read More...

Partial Transcript: Episode 28 (Open Mic)

Virginia: I’m really dragging right now. Nick: Cause we’re going to do an open mic.  We’ve recorded two podcasts tonight, and we’re running out of ideas for the third. Virginia: Everyone is going to realize how little planning we put into this. Nick: Sometimes you gotta lift up the curtain, pull up the dress. Andrew: That sounds awful. Virginia: That image, and the gesture you just did… Nick: Open mic.  Read More...

Partial Transcript: Episode 10 (Travel. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly)

Virginia: I just got back from being out of town.  Nick is about to go to Austin. Andrew: Nick, how do you fly?  You’re a big guy.  It seems like it would be cramped. Nick: I do fly.  I just need to sit in the emergency row or on the aisle. Andrew: They put me on the emergency row once, and I didn’t know what to do with all this Read More...

Episode 10: Travel. The good, bad and ugly.

Today we talk about the beauty of being well-adjusted world travelers.  We start by bitching about the lack of legroom on planes.  Then we swap our worst travel stories: vomit in Vegas, American Airlines computer failures (while Nick was traveling back from Australia, yikes!), Andrew’s broken-down train (don’t worry, they all got ice cream), and intestinal distress while on a cross-country bus trip in a third-world country. We decide that travel is Read More...