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Episode 121: Tim Knight Talks Stock Market Bubbles

This week, Nick and Virginia ask author Tim Knight about his book, “Panic, Prosperity, and Progress: Five Centuries of History and the Markets.” They discuss historic stock market bubbles and other panics and talk about today’s startup scene. To learn more about Tim Knight, check out his blog, Slope of Hope, his Facebook page, or his Twitter (@SlopeOfHope). Click here to listen!

Let’s get weird with Richard Dawkins

I’m not sure what happens about 5 minutes in to this lecture from Richard Dawkins but I really wish I would have saved my good acid for it.

Stop-Motion Badassery

I stumbled upon some seriously awesome stop-motion animations today from a Youtuber called Counter 656 and OMFG are his videos amazing. You don’t see much stop-motion nowadays but there are still people out there that keep it alive. I highly recommend checking out this channel and subscribing. Hit this link to visit his channel now.

The Bill Nye Video you HAVE TO SEE

This will come in handy on our new podcast (to come out later this afternoon).  Bill Nye is classy as hell in the way he handles this news anchor’s silly question.

Study of a Study About Studies

ABC news reported that the Government Accountability Office released a study of a study that the Pentagon commissioned to look into the effectiveness of studies. You can’t make this stuff up. In the video Lee Doren, from the HowTheWorldWorks Youtube channel, gives his opinion on the craziness.


Jake Hamilton interviewed the director and actors of DJANGO UNCHAINED, and while there was some great discussion there was one question which really stuck out.

Robotic Pack Mule

Robots are still working their way to overlord status, but till then I’m ready to purchase my very own RoboMule. Check out this amazing walking robot, No Wires Attached, very cool.

The Glitch

Corridor Digital’s latest video, if you like this one I recommend checking out some of their other game related videos. I think I’m going to have nightmares about this…

Amazing Red Bull Video

As I stumbled through YouTube watching videos of two Asian guys hitch hiking across America. I found this amazing video by Red Bull. If this doesn’t make your jaw drop, then not much will. Hope you enjoy the video. -Nick